School Closing and Delay Information

  • Phone Messages and Text Messages will be send through our automated caller system, BlackBoardConnect.  Student messages are usually sent by 6:30am.  Parents should not rely on the Connect-ED system as their only source of delay and cancellation information.

    The website Information Alert at is usually updated between 5:15am and 6:30am for delays and cancellations. 

    School and weather information can also be accessed by telephone.

    Call (412) 675-3070

    Listen to KDKA radio (1020 AM) and/or KDKA television for information concerning delayed school openings and the cancellation of school.  Other stations will be notified but KDKA is the only official station.  Information is usually broadcast beginning at approximately 6:00 AM.  Continue to listen to the station for updated information.  Occasionally during severe weather, weather conditions may worsen and a delay may be changed to a closing.  This may occur as late as 8:30 AM.

    KDKA will also be used for information during an approaching storm or other emergency. 

    Weather information can accessed over the Internet at: or

    Send the student to the bus stop or to. school two hours later than the usual time.  The school will open two hours later than usual.  School lunches will be served. 
    In the event that weather conditions worsen, updates will be posted after 8:30 AM in regard to the necessity of a school closure. 


    SA Students will NOT report to Steel Center on days that South Allegheny has a two-hour delay. 
    The bus will START its run, first pick-up, at 10:30 AM to report to SA for period 5. 
    There will not be a bus provided at Steel Center on these days;  therefore, DO NOT have your parents take and drop you off.  
    If SA has a cancellation, then Steel Center students will not report to Steel Center


    SA Students will report two hours later than normal when South Allegheny has a two-hour delay,  lunch will be provided, then the students will report to Steel Center.

    If SA has a cancellation, then Steel Center students will not report to Steel Center