Recorder Karate

  • Recorder   Karate


            Fourth grade general music students are currently involved in a program in their general music class entitled “Recorder Karate”.  The recorder is a simple instrument that any child can begin to learn to play after basic music skills and concepts are developed. The goal of the program is to provide incentive to the students for learning these basic skills and concepts and apply them using the recorder.  After students can demonstrate that skill, which is done by playing certain songs, they receive a “belt”.  The first belt is white, followed by yellow and orange and so on.  Students can work at their own pace, taking more time on difficult skills, or moving ahead to others if they so wish.  The belts will hang from their recorders as a sign of accomplishment and pride.  Signs have also been posted in the art’s wing with the students names who have achieved these accomplishments.  There are nine belts in all and some students have already earned their black belt!  Way to go fourth grade!