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2011-2012 School Year

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Marble Jar Reward

  • Marble Jar Choice - Marble Jar Choices

    Posted by: Jayme Klein
    1. Valentine's Day party with box decorating
    2. Extra long recess in the gymnasium
    3. Green Day party-St. Patrick's Day
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MARCH pride!

  • MARCH pride - VOTE!

    Posted by: Jayme Klein
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PRIDE choice Feb. 2011

PRIDE choices

  • PRIDE choices - Be PRIDE winners!

    Posted by: Jayme Klein
    Vote for your selection.  We can either have a talent show (Part II), show n' tell, or a sundae bar!  Post your choice now!
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Which region?

  • Social studies - Which region?

    Posted by: Jayme Klein
    In reading about the Native American Indians, which region did you find to be the most interesting?  Why?
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