Fifth Grade

     First Semester


    Students will be using a web based typing program this year. The program incorporates keyboarding skills, speed, accuracy, and timed tests to make learning how to type an enjoyable experience. As the students progress, it will allow them to advance to intermediate skills, as well as other activities such as games.

    Here is a site you can use :

    Please click on the button: student login to enter the log on screen

    On that screen you must enter your username and password given to you in class.

    Techno Biz

    The Yum Yum candy company is losing business and it needs the students help.  Using Microsoft Excel, students conduct surveys, create graphs, and develop solutions to help the company find a solution to their problem. At the end of the project the students must write a plan outlining their solution. This report is created in Microsoft Word.

     Second Semester

    Techno Quest

    In this project, students go on a medieval quest. They learn about medieval times by completing various computer-based activities. Their quest begins by creating a coat arms. The students will then learn how to use a database to view, add, and filter specific records. During the final stages of the project, they must research a topic during the medieval times. They will document their research, create a slide show, and create a multiple choice quiz  slide that will be shared with their fellow classmates.

     Pennsylvania Department of Education

    Business, Computer, and Information Technology Standards

    Input Technologies


    Demonstrate the ergonomically correct use of more sophisticated input technologies

    Digital Media


    Use digital media to enhance a content-specific work product

    Digital Citizenship


    Identify understanding of ethical, safe, and social online behavior and potential consequences of unethical, unsafe, and inappropriate behavior.



    Create a digital project using appropriate software/application for an authentic task


    Technology Research


    Discuss the characteristics of a credible website.