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  •  The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

    Reviewed by : Katie Bell

    An evil man named Jack kills a family. He murders the husband, wife, teen to go. The last person remaining is a baby boy, not two years old. Through a miraculous course of events, he survives and finds a graveyard. He enters only to find a community of kind-hearted ghosts. Mr. and Mrs. Owens, dead for decades, take him under their wing. Silas, a member of the Honor Guard, agrees to be the boy, now named Nobody (Bod) Owens's guardian. The boy grows and learns to fade, slip through shadows, walk through walls, dream walk, and many other ghostly abilities. When Bod turns 14 years old, the man Jack comes back to finish his horrid business. He and four "co-workers" of his travel to the graveyard after Bod, who eliminates them. Bod then bids farewell to his undead foster family and Silas to find adventure in the living world.

      Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse

    Reviewed by: Justo Hernandez

    Out of the Dust is a superior book for anyone who enjoys reading historical fiction. It is a very sad book because Billi Jo's mother died and her baby brother too. Now she has to live without her mother who did the most for the family. With swollen hands, she tries to play the piano to earn a little money for the family. Now she can't because while trying to save her mother her hands were burned. The worst dust storms are going on during the Great Depression. Many people are dying from dust pneumonia because they get dust in their lungs. It puts you into the book by vast detail so you know how it feels during the Great Depression. You can read the tension between her father and Billie Jo. There is a lot more to know about this book so that is why you should read it.


    When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead

    Reviewed by: Christine Phillips

    I received this book as an Easter gift from my aunt. I loved that it was a Newbery Winner and I loved the plot. I started reading it the day I opened it and was intrigued by the first couple pages. I finished it and loved it. I love the book A Wrinkle In Time and it's perfect that When You Reach Me was based on it. I give this book two thumbs up!



       Shiloh by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

    Reviewed by: Ashley Jackson

    Shiloh is one of my favorite books. It's about, a little boy named Marty. This cruel man named Judd has many dogs. He is so cruel to them. Marty goes on a walk and finds one of Judd's runaway dog. A relationship grows. By the time Marty already lied to Judd , Shiloh ( the dog ) gets torn up. It's time to give himback. .......READ THE REST FOR YOUR SELF
    1992 Newbery Award Winner

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