Family and Consumer Science

  • Family and Consumer Sciences


    TITLE: Family and Consumer Sciences 8                                 Credit: .25

    Course Number: 0986                                                             Grade: 8                          

    Prerequisite: N/A                                                                     Difficulty Rating: 3

    Description: The eighth grade Family and Consumer Sciences program is designed to introduce students to safety and sanitation procedures in the kitchen as well correct measuring techniques in both the kitchen and sewing area.  Students may also be introduced to basic sewing skills on sewing machine and hand sewing, demonstrating functional life skills.  Students will follow directions to construct assigned sewing projects. Other topics relating to the Academic Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences are disseminated as deemed necessary.  Laboratory experiences will enhance students understanding of topics discussed.  Appropriate lab behavior is required to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all students and instructors in the Family and Consumer Sciences classroom.