Social Studies

  • Social Studies Department Vision Statement: The vision of the Social Studies Department at SASD will focus on instilling the values of civic duties and responsibilities, promoting citizenship, encourage cultural diversity, and draw parallels using the United States as a frame of reference. Students will study geographic, social, political, and economic issues that shaped the world we live in today, and develop in students the values that assist in the creation of a more productive society.



    TITLE:  Ancient & Medieval World History & Geography       Credit: 1        

    Course Number: 0271                                                             Grade: 7

    Prerequisite: N/A                                                                    Difficulty Rating: 3
    Description: The course is designed to provide students with basic social studies skills, including note-taking, the creation of graphic organizers for essays, and essential geography skills.  Students will also gain a higher appreciation of ancient world history through the Middle Ages.  Topics include the examination of early man, the culture and history of River Valley Civilizations, the Golden Ages in Greece, Rome, India, China, and finish with an exploration of the Middle Ages. 



    TITLE: American History & Geography- Colonial Era to 1820          Credit: 1

    Course Number: 0281                                                                   Grade: 8

    Prerequisite: N/A                                                                           Difficulty Rating: 3                       
    Description: American History & Geography- Colonial Era to 1820 is an 8th grade course designed to introduce students to a more thorough analysis of Colonial and Revolutionary America, as well as a focus on the Constitution and the early years of the nation.  Students will also receive instruction on Pennsylvania history in order to develop a higher level of understanding concerning state history and contemporary issues.  The course will continue to prepare students for the P.S.S.A., as well as high school classes, through increasingly challenging activities and the continued development of essay skills.