Business and Computer

  • Business and Computer Department Vision Statement: Every South Allegheny student will be proficient in all aspects of Business, Computers and Information Technology as outline in the National Business Education Standards. With this end, the student will require supplemental materials and experiences needed to be proficient at the PSSA’s.



    TITLE: Intro to Computers 7                                                 Credit: .25

    Course Number: 0781                                                           Grade: 7

    Prerequisite: N/A                                                                   Difficulty Rating: 3

    Description: This course is designed to introduce keyboard skills and the proper techniques.  It is also a microcomputer accuracy and speed building.  Proofreading skills will also be emphasized.



    TITLE: Computer 8                                                                Credit: .25

    Course Number: 0781                                                            Grade: 8

    Prerequisite: N/A                                                                    Difficulty Rating: 3

    Description: This course is designed to introduce and learn the keyboard, letters and various business forms, correct business writing set-ups, flyers, and basic PowerPoint.