Alternative Education Program

  • The South Allegheny School District is committed to the concept that all students have the opportunity to meet their educational and developmental goals in a positive, safe school climate that is conducive to learning, and that everyone in the total school community must accept specific roles and responsibilities to see that this concept is realized. Therefore, everyone will have increased accountability to do his or her part to see this happens, including the administration, faculty, support personnel, parents, students, and the general school community. While this concept is aligned with the folk wisdom that “it takes a village to raise a child,” this concept is supported by best practices research and clinical studies in education in PA and the nation.


    The South Allegheny School District, in collaboration with the Learning Lamp, a non-profit educational support and professional services organization, are initiating a board approved alternative education program called Project Phoenix.  It will take place in the secondary school program (Grades 7-12) from 3 to 7 P.M. in the MS/HS building and will commence with the second semester of the current school year in January, 2008. The administration, teachers, counselors, etc. will have a prescription plan developed for each child to clearly delineate the expectations and process of the Project Phoenix AEP program; and assignment to this program is for a full semester. Also, as part of this effort, various “at risk” students will be identified in the first semester and placed on probationary contracts.   This may result in Project Phoenix placement if the identified problems cited in the probationary contract are not resolved.


    Project Phoenix AEP is not a punitive measure. It is a true alternative educational program that will give children identified “at risk” with a combination of social, behavior, attendance, and/or academic problems the best opportunity to eliminate the aforementioned problems.  It will accomplish this by providing each child smaller classes with more individual attention and effective means to develop personal, life, and academic skills, with a primary goal to enable each child to be able to return to the day program and successfully complete the requirements for graduation. This will give each child a better opportunity for a more successful future than is possible in his or her current situation. More specific information on Project Phoenix AEP is available through the administration.


    Please contact the appropriate building level administrator if you have any questions on this matter.  We truly hope we can work cooperatively to achieve the positive results for these “at risk” students that we strive to obtain for every child in the district.