South Park Characters-


    Today you will be starting to create your own South Park character.  The idea is to make a character that looks like YOU. 

    We are using ILLUSTRATOR! 

    We will create a character on a website.  We will then take that character and open it in Photoshop.  You will learn how to trace the basic shapes and use this character as a template. 

    At the end of your "tracing," we will DELETE your original character from your layers and you are left with your tracing of your character.

    However, sometimes this website gets overloaded when you're all on there at once.  And sometimes it is blocked. 

    Go to the website at the bottom of the page to attempt your character creation.  Once you get one, we will begin our character creations.  I believe you will have to screenshot your character from the website.  SHIFT>COMMAND>4

    Last year, it took students an entire work week to create their characters.  Take your time. They look MUCH better when you take your time... just like anything else.