'It's about me'

  • Hello, all!  I am speaking to you today from the great beyond.  from home, actually.  I'll see you tomorrow.  But today.. here's the plan. 

    You are reinforcing skills you already have.  

    Open a 10 X 10 INCH document in Photoshop.  Apply either a gradient or a solid color to your background. 

    You're going to add 5 photos that apply to you... you, your friends, hobbies, sports, likes, dislikes, pets, whatever. So if you love pizza, find a photo of pizza online and drag it to your project.

    PS- you cannot drag photos from Instagram.  You have to SCREENSHOT them.  It's SHIFT>COMMAND>4.  Your cursor will turn into a bullseye.  Draw a box around what you want to screenshot.  When you let go, it will throw the photo on your desktop.  These are not high resolution screenshots... so don't expect miracles. 

    Each photo will be a different size. 

    Each photo will have a different colored stroke. 

    2 of those photos will have a filter. 

    You must use 2 or more custom shapes.  The shapes can be the same one twice, but a different size.  (example: 2 stars... one big one small) 

    You must show overlap in two areas. (doesn't matter what is overlapping, just make it happen twice) 

    You must have 8 different layers of text.  Each text layer will be in a different font, a different size, and different color. (type will probably include your name, maybe a nickname, friends names, quotes, pet names, the street you live on, etc... ) 
    Those must all feature text FX.  I don't mind if you feature the same effect on all of them. (i.e., drop shadow for everything). 

    This is due by the end of period 2.  Please drag it to the google drive. 
    Check to make sure FILTER10 is there too.  

    Have a good Wednesday.