Senior Banquet Parent Letter


    Thank you for participating in the Senior Banquet & Roast.  Enclosed is a letter outlining the purpose of the Senior Banquet & Roast.  I want to provide your student with a nice memory before they leave South Allegheny and making fun of them is the best way I can think of sending them out of here with a smile.  If you feel any trepidation about everyone seeing you on video, don't...the only people that will see the video of the interview will be your student and who you choose to show the interview to.

    In the section on pictures, I encourage you to sit down with your student and go through the pictures of their lives.  I remember that my senior year was perhaps the most stressful year when it came to my relationship with my parents.  I wanted to be treated like an adult and they didn't want to let go.  It was about love, but man did the hate fly sometimes as well.  I wish that I could have gone back and spent more time with them with certain things, but we cannot rewind the hands of time.  The best that I can do now is to provide an opportunity for the students that I care about to reconnect with the people that love them the most in life.  

    Please try to schedule an interview as early as you can.  Completing the video is a time-consuming process and I really need to have it done at least two days before the banquet so that I can work any kinks out that need to be done.

    Again, thank you very much for your time and energy in helping to make this night memorable and successful.  I look forward to seeing you at the interview.

    John W. McCay III

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