Medieval Era II Medieval Islam Sources

  • In the attachments you will find the primary and secondary source articles for the unit on the Middle Ages II--Medieval Near East.  These articles will accompany the section of the unit on the the rise of Islam in the Middle Ages.  Some of these articles will have study guides and activities.  They are broken up by category to make for easy access.

      #1--The Koran, A New Religion Rises in Arabia

      #2--Gabriel, Muhammad: The Warrior Prophet

      #3--Muhammad, The Last Sermon

      #4--Ibn abd-el-Hakem, Muslim Conquest of Spain

      #5--Crowley, The Hashashin: Early Muslim Terrorists

      #6--1001 Arabian Nights, Tale of the Two Hashish Eaters

      #7--Ibn Sina (Avicenna), On Medicine

      #8--Anonymous, Christian-Muslim Debate in the 12th Century

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