Medieval Era II Crusades Sources

  • In the attachments you will find the primary and secondary source articles for the unit on the Middle Ages II--Medieval Near East.  These articles will accompany the section of the unit on the the Crusades.  Some of these articles will have study guides and activities.  They are broken up by category to make for easy access.

      #1--Urban II, The Call for the First Crusade

      #2--Albert of Aix & Ekkehard of Aura, Emico and the Slaughter of the Rhineland Jews

      #3--Fulk of Chartres, The Capture of Jerusalem 1099

      #4--Fulcher of Chartres, The Latins in the East

      #5--Usaman ibn Munqidh, Muslim Interaction With The Franks

      #6--Various Authors, The Knights Templar

      #7--William Of Tyre, Latin Disarray--Various Accounts

      #8--Ernoul of the Franks, The Battle of Hattin 1187

      #9--Anonymous, Capture of Jerusalem by Saladin

    #10--Anonymous, The Siege & Capture of Acre

    #11--Anonymous, Richard the Lionheart Makes Peace with Saladin 1192

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