• Marine and Aquatic Biology is a course designed to help the college bound student to understand the biological world of marine and aquatic organisms on a deeper level than was possible in their Biology class.  This elective course is meant to help prepare them for the rigors of college and is not meant only for those wishing to study biology or marine biology.  Students take this class during 11th or 12th grade.  Topics range from a review of the basics of biological science to an introduction to the major phyla of life on Earth.  Like all of my classes I try to use many different modes of instruction to help the students learn in the way best suited to them.  In class we may discuss the current topic, work on assignments, do an activity, watch a multimedia presentation, or do a group project.  We do most of our work in class but with each chapter there will be projects that are done out of class.  To keep track of the work please check the calendar for due dates etc.  Additionally, students will learn to care for aquatic animals with their group aquarium.  Upon completion of Living Science it is expected that the student will be better prepared for a post secondary education and have an extensive understanding of the natural world.

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