Introduction to Engineering Design & Modeling

  • Engineering Design & Modeling

    8th Grade

    South Allegheny Middle School

    Mr. Jackson



    Course Description;- Engineering Design & Modeling is an introductory course to engineering. This is a nine week course that will have students work through the engineering design process to complete several hands on activities/projects. Students will learn the importance of working in teams, improving their creativity, and enhancing their problem solving skills. Students will learn various methods of technical sketching as a means to communicate their design ideas as well as learning how to use the 3D modeling software.



    Class Rules-

    1)       Be on time!

    2)      No Horseplay! / No Loud Talking or Yelling

    3)      No inappropriate language!

    4)      No cell phones, No Mp3 players!

    5)      Be Respectful to others-  BE NICE!!!   (no talking when someone else is talking)

    6)      Stay off the Internet unless directed otherwise.

    7)      Stay in assigned seats or with assigned teams till the dismissal bell!

    8)      Students are expected to fully participate in all activities/projects to the best of their ability.



                Every student is expected to follow the rules of the class. Proper behavior is expected in all areas of society especially in a work environment, students must learn to follow rules or know that consequences will follow. Every student will start off the nine weeks with 100 points that will be averaged in with all their other grades, every time a student breaks a rule they will lose five points. It is possible to lose more than the 100 points.



    Grading Students will be graded on quizzes, CAD drawings, worksheets and on several projects by which participation will be a major part of the grade. The grading scale will follow the School Districts grading scale  100—90=A,   89—80=B,   79—70 =C,  69—60=D, 59—0=E





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