• Mrs. Abigayle Shin is also known in her classroom as Señora Shin.  She currently teaches Spanish in eighth grade Exploratory Language and high school Spanish 1, and has also taught Exploratory French and Spanish 2 classes.  She shares her home with her husband Shane, chihuahua Baby, cat Sage, and black and tan coonhound Seneca.  Mrs. Shin began her teaching career at South Allegheny in 2006 after completing both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Pittsburgh.  Her mother, father, uncle, sister-in-law, and one brother are currently teachers in other school districts, while her cousin is searching for a teaching job, and her youngest brother is teaching science in English in China's largest megacity, Guangzhou.  The only Pennsylvania family member who is not a teacher serves on the school board for her local district.