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    Join the Español 1 Edmodo page!  Just click "I'm a student" to create an account, and join our class's group by entering the group code i7604y.  Your username should include the Spanish name you chose in class.  You can post messages in Spanish, complete polls, and sometimes earn pesos for participating online.  Some homework and quizzes will even be completed through the website.  Once you've signed up, there's an app for Android and an app for iPhone!


    Songs can be very helpful when learning anything, including a new language.  Just think of how many songs you can sing along with!  Was it hard to memorize those, or did it come pretty naturally?  Most adults still sing the alphabet song we learned in preschool when we need to alphabetize things.  Because Spanish letters have only 1 or 2 different sounds each, learning the alphabet makes reading and listening to Spanish much easier.  To help Spanish 1 students master the alphabet, we will be using a song, which is linked at the bottom of this page, as well as here.  I hope it helps!


    High school Spanish 1 students are playing Sobrevivientes - a Spanish version of Survivor!  They earn pesos for participating in class and playing Survivor games.  How does playing a game all year help students learn Spanish?  Both students and teacher speak only in Spanish, except for a few days to focus on culture.  This way students hear lots of Spanish, and are forced to use it to function in the class.  Listening to and using the language is the most natural way to learn it - that's how you learned English!

    Come back soon!  More information on Sobrevivientes will be posted soon.

    Another absolutely wonderful way to immerse yourself in a language is through becoming an exchange student.  While most 9th-graders are still too young to become exchange students, I highly recommend looking at the different programs available, because applications can be due up to 10 months before you plan to travel!  Check out my links for several options, the top 3 of which offer huge scholarships that let students immerse themselves in life abroad for very little money.  Living abroad is the absolute best way to learn the language and culture of another country, and there are programs as short as a few weeks or as long as a year, for any motivated, responsible young person.


    ¡Gracias por visitar el sitio del Español Nivel 1!


    Many thanks go out to Kevin and Tammy Lyons for inspiring the Survivor game in Spanish class, and for providing help in establishing this program in my classroom.

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