Songs from Spanish class

  • Did you ever notice how it can sometimes be hard to memorize a list of words or facts you need to know for a test, but that you know all the words to all the songs you hear on the radio or your playlist?

    The human brain is wired to remember melodies and lyrics in a much more efficient way than a list that doesn't seem to have any rythm or pattern.  Plus, it's just more fun to listen to and sing a song than to do straight memorization!  There are even some high level verb tenses that I had trouble remembering how to form and use until I found a song I could sing that reminded me what to do!

    To help students use this wonderful tool, I'm including links here for songs that may help.

    The Realidades textbook website has hip-hop style songs that you can use to practice some of the phrases we are learning in class.  You can download the mp3s onto your computer and mp3 player, and use them to practice while walking or riding the bus.