Pesos in the Community - How to use Spanish in your daily life and get classroom credit!

  • Language is all about communication, practice, and integrating the language into your daily life.  Using Spanish outside of the classroom and homework will help you retain more of the things we learn in class, as well as give you a new perspective on how it is used.  I love to hear students singing Spanish songs in the hall, greeting me in Spanish at a football game, or using Spanish names outside of Spanish class, and I'm working to develop ways to give fair credit for use of Spanish outside the realm of my classroom.  Here is what I've developed so far:

    DuoLingo is an excellent app and website that anyone can use to practice language on the go.  Get yourself an account either online or in the app, then use the links below to link your student account to my teacher account to make sure I can see the hard work you've put in.  For every XP (DuoLingo's version of credits or points) that you earn, you will also earn one peso for participation.  It's up to you how much you earn!
Duolingo 3.png