SingStar Latino Songs

  • Why SingStar Latino?

    What does a karaoke videogame have to do with learning Spanish?

    Songs are a wonderful way to practice pronunciation and vocabulary, as well as advanced grammar functions in a fun, simple way.  Our brains are wired so that it's easier to memorize an entire song (or contents of an mp3 player) than it usually is to memorize a list of words.

    Videogames are great motivators as well, as many students have told me how much time they spend with the games.  They give immediate feedback and are, in general, fun!

    So I've been searching for a videogame with songs in Spanish for ages, and finally found SingStar Latino.  Karaoke games are much easier and more fun when you know the songs, so here's a link to my SingStar Latino YouTube playlist that includes the songs from the SingStar Latino game.  Students need to listen to the songs beforehand so they have an idea of what each song's rhythm is, so please check out the link and pick a few of your favorites to enjoy!