Foreign Language Club

  • Welcome to the South Allegheny Foreign Language Club!

    This club celebrates the many languages and cultures of the world.  Some activities we do are make and sample international food, play games, make ornaments and other crafts, and learn bits of languages not offered at SA.

    Join our group on Edmodo to stay connected.  There you can find information on what's going on at meetings, and you can comment and vote even if you are unable to attend a club meeting!  Just go to, create an account, and use group code aatj4q to join the group.


    During the 2011-2012 school year, Foreign Language Club students completed a project for The 9th Annual Gingerbread House Display/Competition sponsored by PPG Place.  The project was displayed on Light-Up Night and throughout the holiday season at Wintergarden, downtown.  Look to the right to see pictures of the hard work students have done, and the final product on display!

    Our gingerbread house this year was inspired by the main pyramid in Chichen Itza, Mexico.  Naturally the kids took a few fun liberties, and the result is a great display!

    We take a peek into other languages and cultures in the Foreign Language Club, and I do my best to give students an appreciation for the way people around the world live.  The very best way to gain an appreciation for other languages and cultures is by immersing yourself in another country as an exchange student.  Start looking at the different programs available as soon as you think you might be interested, because applications can be due up to 10 months before you plan to travel!  This is especially true for programs that allow students to travel without spending much money.

    The video below describes a free (yes, FREE!) exchange program where you can travel during the summer, for half a year, or for a full school year. You can also check out my links for several options, the top 3 of which offer huge scholarships that let students immerse themselves in life abroad for very little money.  Living abroad is the absolute best way to learn the language and culture of another country, and there are programs as short as a few weeks or as long as a year, for any motivated, responsible young person.  Plus, since South Allegheny isn't able to offer languages like Chinese, Russian, or German yet, students interested in those (and many, many other languages) can still learn them as SA students!






    There are 2 field trips we usually take, but due to the tough economy we'll have to save them for another year.  The trip usually includes a tour of the Nationality Rooms at the University of Pittsburgh, enjoy lunch on campus, then cross the street to explore a selection of art from around the world at the Carnegie Museum of Art.  The Nationality Rooms are decorated for the holidays during late November and December, so students are able to see typical holiday decorations and learn about some traditions from around the world.

    The second field trip takes students to a concert that showcases a variety of music, dance, and rhythm, usually with a focus on Latin America or Spain.  For lunch, we try one of the many ethnic restaurants in the area so club members can sample authentic international cuisine.

    Even though finances make it hard for the club to go on these trips, I encourage students and their families to go together!