Special Education

  • PA Chapter 14

    Special Education Screening and Evaluation

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    The District participates in Early Intervention (ages 3-4) Education based upon a mutually agreed written arrangement (MAWA) with Allegheny Intermediate Unit #3 Project Dart and Head Start Centers. Screening for developmental delays and evaluation of eligibility for early intervention services is conducted by I.U. #3 Project Dart (412-394-5879).

    South Allegheny Elementary School staff conduct kindergarten screening during spring registration. Results of the screening are reviewed by the building principal and school psychologist to determine if a formal multi-disciplinary evaluation is necessary.

    Annual academic progress screenings are conducted by the building principals and guidance counselors to determine if a student requires an MDT evaluation. District-based group achievement test results, academic performance and instructional support team recommendations are assessed in these annual screenings.

    Speech/Language screenings are conducted through a cooperative regular education teacher and speech/language therapist arrangement. The Speech/Language therapist co-teaches for 30 minutes daily in each kindergarten section.

    Visual activity is screened in every grade, while hearing is screened in kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 7 and 11th grades. Gross and fine motor skills are screened initially during kindergarten registration. A formal evaluation is contracted through I.U. #3’s Occupation and Physical Therapy services. Audiological evaluations and functional vision assessments are contracted through I.U. #3. The district’s school psychologist is the single point of contact for all pre-screenings, screenings and requests for formal evaluations.

    Assistive Technology, Mobility and Orientation, Vocational Assessments and Functional Behavior Assessments are contracted through I.U. #3 and related service providers following a review by the district’s school psychologist.