Gifted Education

  • PA Chapter 16

    Gifted Support Education

    The South Allegheny School District has created a screening and evaluation system which is consistent with the “multiple criteria” established in PA Chapter 16 for the identification of mentally gifted students. Annual academic progress reviews of district-based group achievement test results and grade point average (G.P.A.) are the initial district “child find” gifted screen activities. Individual intelligence testing is conducted with parental permission by the district school psychologist. Teacher assessment of student work is conducted by evaluation of “Excellence of Product”, “Higher Order Thinking Skills” and “Characteristics of Gifted Students”, including “Rates of Acquisition and Retention” of instruction. Parent input regarding characteristics of gifted students and areas of intense academic interest are weighed in the Gifted Multi Disciplinary Team Evaluation. Any member of the GMDT may request a gifted assessment of a student at any time. Due Process, Procedural Safeguards, Timelines and Confidentiality Laws are consistent with Chapter 14 students.

    The South Allegheny School District provides gifted support services in every school through a combination of acceleration and enrichment activities which encompass both “pull-out” and “cooperative teaching activities”.