21st Century Learning Skills

  • Class Expectations:
    1.  Be on time and prepared for class.
    2.  Bring your own pencil!  A number 2 wooden pencil is preferred over a mechanical pencil.
    3.  Work in your assigned area, no unnecessary walking around the classroom.
    4.  Work on  art class assignment,  working on another class's assignments during art is not acceptable.
    5.  Put all art projects away properly.  If projects are left out, they will be recycled or thrown out.
    6.  Clean area and equipment used.  Do not leave dirty brushes or palettes in the sink.
    7.  Complete and turn in all assigned art projects.
    8.  Respect others.

    All classes will engage students in creating art projects using various mediums to express each students personal interpretation of a choice-based art assignment.  A theme  or art style will be assigned for each project and students will choose how they will interpret  and design the project.  Students will incorporate 21st Century Learning Skills in completing each assignment.


    1.  Students will generate and plan ideas in a sketchbook. This is your rough draft and enables you to let your ideas grow.

    2.  Students will use their  ideas, research and planning sketches to create their  own authentic artwork. 

    3.  Students will use  the Principles of Design (balance, contrast, emphasis, movement, pattern, repetition and unity) to arrange the Elements of Design (line, shape, form, space, color and texture) to create an artistic composition.

    4.  Students will reflect on their art by writing an Artist Statement.  An Artist Statement summarizes their ideas, intent, materials and methods used in creating their individual artwork. 

    Art Techniques

    Students will develop skills using a variety of Art Materials and Art Processes.

    All classroom and safety rules will be followed.

    Historical and Cultural Art Context

    Through the study of art history and culture, students develop an understanding of artistic viewpoints through time and the diversity of culture.  As students create their own authentic art, they are able to apply the knowledge of historical and cultural context to their own artwork.


    1.  Students will draw one sketch in their sketchbook per week. 

    2.  Sketchbooks will be checked every Monday.

    3.  A list of sketches ideas will be made available for each class.

    1.  Rubric
    2.  Student Critiques