Self - portrait

  • In painting a self-portrait of  "who I am" ,
     I would incorporate all the elements of design (line,shape,color,value,texture and shape.)
    Every aspect of my life adds a different dimension to my self - portrait.
     Each brushstroke a creative expression of what makes me, Jayne Sweet.

    I am the Middle/High School Art Teacher
     and teach  7th grade,
     Art 1, Art II, Art III,Art IV,Art V,
     Watercolor and Ceramics
    and Independent Study
     in the High school.
    In addition to art, I also teach Character Education.

    I am passionate about teaching and passionate about Art.
     I look at each project as a problem  solving adventure
     waiting to be discovered by each individual student.
    Not every student will be an artist,
     but all of them will solve problems,
    hopefully the learning process of art will assist them with whatever comes their way.

    I have engaged in ART and art learning through a variety of venues:
    Governor's Art Institute
    Pittsburgh Children's Museum Teacher Residency
    Arts Education Collaborative Leadership Academy
    Robots 250 at the Mattress Factory
    Art Olympics at the Pittsburgh Arts Festival
    Lawerenceville All Night Art Show
    National Woodcarving Show at Cooks Forest

    My portrait would not be complete without the mention of my family -
    Randy is my husband and best friend, he is pastor at Hilltop UMC in Madison, Pa.
    I have three adult children:
     Cody, and his partner Henry,
    Hannah and her husband, Caleb, 
     Lukke and his wife Rachel.

    Other interests that put the finishing touches on my self portrait are:
    Reading for enjoyment - love a good mystery
    Woodcarving - relief and in the round
    Gardening - veggie
    Puppetry, Robotics and Stop -Motion Animation.
    Church involvement - relationship with God

    Having a good time with friends and family!

    This is me.