Robotics 250 - Start of STEAM Maker Space

    1. In 2008 Pittsburgh, Pa.celebrated its 250th Anniversary.

      One celebration was the Robotics 250.  It was a  six week workshop sponsored by Carnegie Mellon Robotics and the Brew House Art Studio/Gallery on the South Side.  I called it , "the geeks and freaks", as computer scientists and artist worked to create robots.  

      Twenty-four "artists"  formed teams and engaged in an adventure of robotics and design to develop a variety of working robots.  The finished artwork was displayed in art shows at The Brew House Art Studio/Gallery and The Mattress Factory. Here are the robots  created by my team created, "Circus Qwerkus".

      This experience led me to write a grant for Hummingbird Robotics and the SwitchED Maker Space.