• In order to begin the process of dropping a class, after the first five days of the class, students must print and complete this form.  Once the entire form is complete it should be given to the guidance counselor for review and submission to the high school principal.  The team will review this request and notify the student in a timely manner as to what has been decided.  The student MUST continue attending the class assigned until otherwise indcated. 




    The South Allegheny School District has adopted new drop/add procedures with the belief that these will improve the educational process.


    Beginning in January 20l0 & beyond, South Allegheny guidance will require that a form be filled out by the student in order to drop or add a course.  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain this form and receive all necessary signatures before returning to guidance. Schedule changes will be addressed only after the drop/add form is completed entirely.


    In addition, the new drop/add procedure is as follows:


    1.                            Students will only be allowed to drop classes within 10 days after the first day of school and within 5 days after the first day of the 3rd nine weeks without penalty.  The course will be removed from that student’s schedule without any record of it being on the student’s transcript.


    2.                            If the course is approved to be dropped at any other time due to an extenuating circumstance and the student is failing, that student will receive a withdraw/fail (W/F) on his/her transcript. Students will receive a withdraw/pass (W/P) for full year classes dropped at the end of the second nine weeks (only if passing). When either of these situations occur, the W/P or W/F will appear on the student’s report card and permanent transcript. Student’s can not have more than one withdraw/fail (W/F) or withdraw/pass (W/P) per year.


    3.                            All students must carry 6 (six) credits or above per year. Every dropped class MUST be replaced with another class. A student cannot drop a class and take a studyhall even if he/she has 6 credits or above on his/her current schedule.



    4.                            Seniors should be aware that any course failed during their senior year can not be repeated during that same year.  That course MUST be made up through an approved provider.  If the course is not made up before the student’s class graduates, that student will NOT be permitted to participate in graduation.