• Welcome to the South Allegheny STEPS Program overview.  The STEPS Program is a comprehensive project that develops student’s academic and life skills in tandem with their academic classes and extra-curricular activities at South Allegheny Middle and High School.  The STEPS Program supports student growth in both intellectual areas as well as creative, social, emotional life beyond the classroom.  Through the STEPS Program students will reflect on who they are as well as their place in the larger community.  Completing the STEPS Program will prepare students for a successful transition from South Allegheny School District into their future adult lives. 


         More specific guidelines and procedures for each of the requirements can be found in the relevant classes, handbooks, and the STEPS Program Website.  Students and parents should review the STEPS Program requirements together and check with relevant South Allegheny Staff for guidance as needed.  A thorough understanding of the STEPS Program and the seriousness with which the district views its requirements is essential. 


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