Student Government Roles & Expectations-- Individual

  • Individual Roles for South Allegheny

    Student Government Organizations


    Student Council President

    The Student Council President, elected by the entire student body, is the head of the Student Council. The Student Council President represents the interests of the students as a liaison between students and the school administration. Often, the Student Council President campaigns with a proposed agenda, and after election works toward the goals outlined in that agenda. The president usually schedules and conducts regular meetings with his/her executive staff, students, faculty and administrators, as well as perform the duties of a leader during activities developed by the Student Council.


    Class Presidents

    Class Presidents work under the Student Council President as members of the executive cabinet and as representatives of their academic classes (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior). The duties are similar to those of Student Council President, with the Class Presidents' focus narrowed to activities pertaining to their particular classes. Class Presidents may also concentrate on planning meetings, social events and community activities for their classes.  They have the ultimate responsibility of coordinating and being in charge of any projects or activities.


    Class or Student Council Vice President

    The Vice President will work with the Class President in terms of planning meetings, social events, and community activities.  In addition, the Vice President will communicate meeting times and expectations to other officers and Cabinet/Council members.


    Class or Student Council Secretary

    The Secretary records the minutes of student government meetings and assists with special projects. This position is often responsible for the communication and publication of their particular student government body, such as updating websites and bulletin boards and writing announcements.


    Class or Student Council Treasurer

    The Treasurer is responsible for fund-raising and budgeting. The Treasurer manages the finances of the current year, formulates a budget for the following year, and conducts research into purchases.

    The Student Council Treasurer is responsible for enforcing the SA MS/HS Advertising Procedures (Located on the reverse side of the fundraiser forms).


    Class or Student Council Historian

    The Historian maintains a record of the class and class events through written words and pictures. The Historian submits these descriptions and pictures to the sponsor or another designated body to preserve the accomplishments of the class, and may publicly promote the events in the community.

    Cabinet Members

    The cabinet is a legislative body of appointed members from a specific class (in terms of Freshmen-Senior Classes) or will be a part of the overall Student Council.  The members will be appointed by the government sponsor (s).   Members of the cabinet work closely with class presidents to plan and conduct fund-raising, social and academic events for their classes.