Breakfast with the Bunny



    Breakfast with the Bunny is a new activity sponsored by the Sophomore Class and The Nutrition Group. The underclass officers and Student Council are also required to participate in this activity to provide support for decorating the area and help run the crafts.

    The cost for children over age 2 is $5, parents and guardians $2, and children under 2 are free (as long as they do not participate in the crafts).
    The following crafts are planned for the 2017 Breakfast with the Bunny:
    * Bunny Ear Hats
    * Hatching Chick
    * Plate Chick
    * Fingerprint Easter Eggs
    * Bunny Cups
    * Daffodils
    * Jellybean Butterfly
    * Holiday Coloring Book
    * Holiday Coloring Contest (Special prize winner for PreK-1, 2-3, and 4-6)
    * Pipe Cleaner Bunny Face
    * Easter Egg Cookies
    * Easter Bunny Food
    * Cheese Ball Carrots
    * Pipe Cleaner Flowers
    * Popsicle Stick Lamb
    In addition, the following activities/games will be going on:
    * Easter Egg Hunts
    * Pin the Tail on the Bunny
    * Rings on Bunny Ears
    * Carrots into Bunny's Mouth
    * Egg Spoon Race

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