• How many students are in South Allegheny Middle School? Currently there are approximately 229 total students enrolled in South Allegheny Middle School.

    What time does the middle school day start? Students need to be in homeroom at 7:44. If the student is not in homeroom at this time they will be marked absent for the day.

    My child's schedule seems too full, can they sign up for a study hall?  There are no study halls in the Middle School. The schedule looks full because of the way the special classes are listed on the student's schedule. Special classes are listed by 1,2,3,and 4th, 9 weeks.

    What kind of special classes does my child take during the school year? All seventh grade students take an Exploratory Block as well as the Unified Arts Block. The Exploratory Block includes French (7th grade)/Spanish, Computer Science, Health, and Physical Education. The Unified Arts Block includes Art, Intro To Technology, Library Science (7th grade)/Family Consumer Science (8th grade) and Music Appreciation.

    How do I contact the teachers? You can contact the teachers through e-mail. There is a link to their e-mail address on the South Allegheny Website.

    How do I set up a parent conference? You can e-mail me @ to request a conference or call me at 412-675-3070 X 1301.

    Can I meet with more than one teacher during a parent conference? The Middle School runs parent conferences as a team. The conference are usually in my office located in the Middle School office. All of your child's core teachers will be present in the meeting. This gives you a good idea of how your child is performing across the board in all subject areas. The meetings are usually 30 minutes long and you can choose if you would like your child to be present as well.

    When is the end of the grading period? The year is divided into 4 nine weeks. The end of each grading period is as follows: November 9th, January 27th, April 6, and June 10th.