A parent can report an absence for their child by calling


    412-675-3070 X 5400


    This number is to be used by parents only.


    All teachers and principals shall assume responsibility for enforcing compulsory attendance laws in conformity with the School Laws of Pennsylvania and the regulations of the State Board of Education.


    1st computer generated letter

    10 excused absences

    2 unexcused absences


    2nd computer generated letter

    14 excused absences

    3 unexcused absences


    1st citation

    16 total absences*

    5 unexcused absences


    2nd citation

    25 total absences

    10 unexcused absences


    3rd or more citations

    every 5 combined absences


    *After 15 excused absences, you must have a medical excuse the 16th day and on.

    (Regular and medical are included in the 15 days.)


    Issue written notice to any parent/guardian who fails to comply with the compulsory attendance statute, within three (3) days of any proceeding brought under the statute. Such notice shall inform the parent/guardian of the date(s) the absence occurred, that the absence was unexcused and I violation of law, that the parent/guardian is being notified and informed of his/her liability under law for the absence of the student, and that further violation during the school term will be prosecuted without notice.


    Attendance Procedure for Parents/Guardians – see page 6 SC 510, 1318 (Attendance Policy)

    Missed Homework

    Student work will not be collected by the office until a student is absent MORE THAN THREE DAYS.  If your child has missed anything less than this, please check the teacher website, and have your child ask for make-up work upon their return.