SA Busters is a tutoring program that takes place during Middle School Character Education. Students who take advantage of the program will not go to Character Ed., but will report to room 214.  SA Busters is approximately 25 minutes long. Students who participate in this program will leave the building when the rest of the Middle School is dismissed for the day. Students will use the same form of transportation they used before they signed up for the program. An application form must be filled out. Application forms may be printed from this page or obtained from Mrs. Roche's office.


    Tutoree Application

    Name ____________________________                        Grade _______________

    Address__________________________                          Phone _______________

    Date of Application _________________                         Homeroom __________

    Subject (s) for tutoring:                          Please check all that apply

    (  ) English  (  ) Regular  (  ) Honors

    (  ) Math _____________(please specify)

    (  ) Language  (  ) French  (  ) Spanish

    (  ) History

    (  ) Science

    (  ) Reading

    (  ) Other ____________________ (please specify)

    Teacher, class period, and 9 week period (1-4) of the above subjects:


    Days available for after school tutoring:   Please check all that apply

    (  ) Monday   (  ) Wednesday   (  ) Friday

    Are you, or do you plan to be, in any extracurricular activities?

    If yes, which ones?  (  ) Sport  (   ) Other _________________ (please specify)



    Name: ____________________________                       Grade: _____________

    The following guidelines are rules by which you must abide. As a tutoree, these can help you and your tutor work better together. It will enable you to get the help you need.

    Tutoring is designed to provide you with the help you need when you need it. It is not the time for you to do your homework, have your have your tutor give you all the answers, or fill each other in on the latest gossip.

    Two (2) unexcused absences will result in dismissal from the program. The following are grounds for from the program. The following are also grounds for dismissal:

    If you must miss a session, you MUST notify Mrs. Piekut, your tutor, or an officer the day before

    *any day you are in school but do not report to tutoring. (Unless you have cleared it with the fore mentioned people beforehand)

    * When you are caught lying about where you were when you did not report to a session.

    *when you are conflicts created between you and two (2) different tutors.

                                                        You Must:

    Have the needed textbooks and notebooks with you at every tutoring session.

    Plan to stay until 3:00 and bring enough work to keep you busy.

    ****If there are any conflicts between you and your tutor, you will be reassigned to a different tutor. If another conflict arises, you will be dismissed from the program.


    Student's Signature                                                    Date