Class Commitment - Letter to parents

  • August


    Dear Parents,

    In recent years we have had some students wishing to change electives half way through the 9 weeks  and/or during the school year.  This makes many things difficult for the teacher and the student.  For the teacher, grading a student who has only completed half of a course is difficult.  For the student, entering a course that is already underway is sometimes frustrating because they are behind in the material.  It is too hard to determine class size and to accommodate the needs of the class size, with students constantly moving around. Due to class projects and Band and Chorus concerts, keeping the class size as consistent as possible is important.  We are asking for your understanding with this matter. We will be accepting schedule changes during the first two weeks of the school year, after that students are to remain in their scheduled course.  Please take the time to sign the agreement and have your child return it back to school.

    Thank you for your understanding.


    Kristy Roche

    Middle School Guidance Counselor

    412-675-3070 X 1301


    I understand that I am making a commitment to remain in all scheduled elective courses for the remainder of the 2013-2014 school year.


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