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    Kelly Belan (Chairman, SAHS '95)

    Jarred Barnes (SAHS '09)

    Taryn Barnes (SAHS '14)

    Katie McLaughlin Craddock (SAHS '98)

    Kristin Kutchak (SAHS '07)

    Derek Vargo (SAHS '14)

    Blair Wojton (SAHS Faculty Alumni Ret. 1998)



          Formed in 1966 following the merger of Glassport High School and Port Vue-Liberty High School, as well as incorporating the borough of Lincoln, the South Allegheny School District has seen many changes over its history.  The district has produced a number of doctors and other medical professionals, lawyers, teachers, law enforcement members, military personnel, business leaders, industrial workers, professional athletes, and countless other success stories of various degrees, proving that just because you come from a small school district it does not mean that you cannot make major achievements.

           The South Allegheny Alumni Association, proud of its heritage and its student body, believes that supporting the future endeavors of students is important to the development and legacy of any community.  Upholding part of its mission to recognize the efforts of current South Allegheny students in academics, athletics, and the arts, the South Allegheny Alumni Association will be offering a series of four $250 scholarships for the current graduating class, with one scholarship being awarded to a member from each borough. 


    CLASS OF 2018

    Nicole Potter (Glassport)

    Makenzie George (Liberty)

    Anthony Perozich (Lincoln)

    Kathryn Fagin (Port Vue)



    * Any current Senior planning on continuing their education at a college, trade school, or business school.

    * Minimum 3.0 GPA, complete the standard application, and write a 350-500 word essay.

    * There will be four $250 scholarships awarded.  One will be given to a winner who resides in each of the four boroughs of South Allegheny. 

    * If for some reason a qualified applicant is not available from one of the four boroughs, the fourth scholarship will be a "wild card" scholarship, going to the next most qualified candidate regardless of borough.

    * Winners are announced and are expected to attend the S.A. Gladiator-Scholars Night ceremony.