Terry Clear, PVLHS '65

    Blue & Gold Scholarship

    In Memory of Terry Cleary, PVLHS Class of '65

    Sponsored by the 1993-1995 SAHS Football Teams & The Cleary Family




    Founded in 2018 by the football players of the graduating classes of 1994, 1995, and 1996 and the family of Terry Cleary, the Blue & Gold Scholarship is being offered in honor of Terry Cleary.  Graduating in 1965, Terry Cleary was one of the true athletic stars of the short tenure of the Port Vue-Liberty High School, starring for both the football and baseball teams.  Along with fellow Seniors George Polka, Dennis Jones, Robert McCormick, Paul DeCecco, John Vichich, Joe Kaczka, Richard Dougherty, Ed Sloss, and Tim Bach, Terry and his mates led the first Port Vue-Liberty graduating class to a 7-1-1 record in the 1964 football season.  Coach Cleary would have a long career coaching Junior High, Junior Varsity, and Varsity football at South Allegheny High School, having a huge impact on a number of young men, mentoring them both on the field and in life.

    Below is the brief biography provided by the Cleary Family as part of the introduction to the Blue & Gold Scholarship form handed out to South Allegheny High School students.

    "Brother, husband, father and coach; this is just a brief description of a great man the scholarship is honoring. Terry Cleary’s passion of football could only be out-shined by his love for the players he coached. He cared about every player, not only as athletes, but as people. He was a role model and impacted the lives of so many through coaching football.

    When Terry wasn’t putting his energy into helping mold those players into young men, he was spending time with family. He shared his passion for football mostly with his children and grandchildren, giving them yet another reason to view him as their role model. If he wasn’t coaching on the field, he was coaching his kids from the stands. Overall, when it came to coaching or mentoring football, that is where Terry would shine with pride.

    We want the winner of this scholarship to know what an honor it is to receive this award named after such a profound legend within our family and the South Allegheny community. Congratulations and good luck to the recipient."


    CLASS OF 2018

    Austin J. Yarborough, RB & ILB

    Attending Allegheny College & majoring in business



    Jeff Bertok SAHS '94 (RB/OLB), Louis D'Ambrosio SAHS '95 (OL/DL), John McCay III SAHS '96 (RB/WR/OLB), Joseph Stickles SAHS '95 (OL/DL)


    * One scholarship of a to-be-determined amount, not less than $150, established by the football classes of 1994, 1995, & 1996.

    * Reserved for football players, equipment managers, and student athletic trainers/assistants.

    * Applicants will complete a standard application and write TWO 150-250 word essays.

    * Winners are announced in a timely manner and are expected to attend the S.A. Gladiator-Scholars Night ceremony.