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    Bobo Cross Legacy Of Service Scholarship

    In Memory of Walter "Bobo" Cross, GHS Class of '49

    Sponsored by the McGinley Family




    Founded in 2018 by the McGinley Family, the Bobo Cross Legacy of Service is being offered in honor of Walter "Bobo" Cross.  Mr. Cross served as a role model for many people in the community of Glassport, as well as the surrounding boroughs of Port Vue, Liberty, and Lincoln.  Mr. Cross was a trusted friend and confidante of the McGinley family, who appreciated what he stood for and how much he cared about his community.  Below is the brief biography provided by the GHS Alumni Association as part of their introduction to the Red & Black Scholarship form handed out to South Allegheny High School students.

        "Walter 'Bobo' Cross a true Glassporter. If anyone should be awarded the title ''Mr. Glassport" it would be Walter Cross.  Born and raised in Glassport, he played football and baseball on Section championship teams at Glassport High School.  After leaving Glassport High School, Bobo entered the U.S, Navy, where he also participated in sports.

          Following his tour of duty with the Navy, Bobo married his sweetheart Rita Ejchost and eventually had a family of three children.  His brother Bruce would become the president of the Glassport High School Class of 1952, making his older brother very proud.  Bobo continued playing sports in Glassport after his return, first with the famous Glassport Odds, then baseball with the Southwest Steel team.

          Bobo's career path was a rewarding one, as he worked at the courthouse in Pittsburgh for 30 years.  In addition to his service at the County Courthouse, Bobo was a policeman, street commissioner, volunteer fireman, and volunteer ambulance driver for the Borough of Glassport.  He was a member of the Queen of the Rosary Church  and a leader within the St. Vincent DePaul Society for a long time. 

          Extremely community-minded, Bobo always helping people of the community in many ways, handing out turkeys or hams to the less fortunate during the holidays, finding jobs for people when he could on countless occasions, and providing guidance when needed.  For years he has helped the shut-ins and the elderly with the Meals on Wheels program, not only in the South Allegheny area, but in other communities as well.  Bobo was also instrumental in the development and success of the Glassport High School Alumni Association.

          A particularly humble man, Bobo never bragged or boasted of his accomplishments.  His passion for the communities of South Allegheny, and most especially his hometown of Glassport, was infectious and he influenced many leaders within the community.  His leadership is missed but his legacy will never be lost.


    CLASS OF 2018

    Jalen Koontz

    Waynesburg University


    *  Discretionary scholarship, which means that the recipient was chosen by the SA Alumni Association Officers.

    *  The McGinley Family requested that the scholarship go to a student who was dedicating their future career to service to the community (law enforcement, lawyer, government) and would have been someone that Bobo would have chosen to mentor if he was still alive.

    *  One $500 scholarship will be awarded to the winner.

    *  The winner will be expected to attend the S.A. Gladiator-Scholars Night ceremony.