Attendance Policy

  • Please be advised that the South Allegheny School administrators and their teaching staff are responsible for enforcing compulsory attendance laws in conformity with the School Laws of Pennsylvania and the regulations of the State Board of Education.

    It is required that all school-aged students enrolled in district schools attend school regularly, in accordance with state and federal laws.  The educational program offered by the district is predicated upon the presence of the students in school.

                    Parents and guardians have a responsibility and duty to provide the school with an appropriate notification of their child’s absence within 3 days of the absence otherwise the absence will be marked as an unexcused absence.

                    Situations which cause students to be absent from school due to medical or dental appointments or court hearings should be substantiated by the proper form of notification from these entities. 

                    Any parent or guardian who plans on removing students from school for the purpose of an educational field trip must complete and submit the appropriate form 2 weeks prior to the beginning date of the trip.  This time frame is necessary to approve the request and notify the teacher of the absence for the purpose of gathering missed assignments.  Parents and guardians who fail to submit their request in a timely fashion can jeopardize their approval and therefore will result in unexcused absences.  Forms can be obtained through the school office, student planners or the district website.

                    Parents will receive a standard letter of warning when a child has missed 10 excused absences or two unexcused absences.  The District will file a citation for truancy when the child has missed 16 days of excused absences or five unexcused absences.  Any student with 16 or more days of combined absences is required to produce a medical excuse or a citation for truancy will be filed.

                    Equally as important as absences are students who are tardy for school.  Unexcused tardiness will be counted as individual instances.  Every 3 tardies will constitute a ½ day of unexcused absences, regardless of minutes.  All students arriving after 8:55 at the elementary or 9:15 at the ECC will be marked accordingly.

                    Questions regarding the attendance policy can be addressed through the school offices.