• Expectations



    Arrival and Dismissal


    Office and Nurse’s Office


    Gymnasium/ Recess




    Give Respect

    -speak politely to others

    -say “please and thank you”

    -use table manners

    -include others at table

    -follow directions (pay attention)

    -wait your turn to talk

    -give personal space

    -greet people (say hello or good-bye)

    -make eye contact

    -be where you are supposed to be

    -hold the doors for others

    - keep hallways clean

    -wait your turn

    -stay in front of the counter

    -keep personal space

    -give others privacy

    -keep personal space


    -include everyone

    -be honest

    -be aware of your surroundings

    -help others

    -say hello and good-bye to adults on the bus

    -be polite

    -be silent

    -pick up your feet and walk quietly



    Lead Others

    -follow directions

    -ask for help

    -wait your turn

    -be engaged

    -ask for help

    -participate in lesson/ discussion


    -remove hats and hoods

    -walk quietly in a block

    -ask for help when needed

    -help others

    -be patient


    -report problems to an adult

    -ask others to join

    -ask for help

    -be a good sport

    -sit appropriately in your seat

    -ask for help

    -use appropriate language and discussion

    -walk on the right side

    -be aware of your surroundings


    Act Appropriately

    -keep hands to self

    -only touch your food

    -eat only your food (no sharing)

    -raise hand

    -use appropriate language

    -stay in seat

    -keep hands and feet to yourself

    -raise your hand and wait to be called upon

    -use school supplies appropriately

    -use indoor voice

    -keep hands and feet to yourself

    -walk to the right side of the hall

    -keep hands and feet to yourself

    -lift up your feet when you walk

    -sit quietly

    -keep hands off of materials

    -wait for an adult to help you


    -flush toilet

    -1 pump of soap

    -wash your hands

    -keep all areas dry


    -use equipment appropriately

    -wear appropriate shoes and clothing

    -tie your shoelaces

    -stay in your seat

    -face the front of the bus

    -walk on and off of the bus

    -talk quietly


    -take one step at a time

    -walk on the steps

    -keep moving

    -keep your hands and feet to yourself



    Do Your Best

    -keep area clean

    -listen to adults

    -do your work

    -turn in assignments

    -have needed materials

    -be on time

    -have good attendance

    -go directly to your classroom or breakfast

    -listen to staff

    -get to class in a timely manner

    -keep your hands and feet off of the walls

    -explain your issue to an adult

    -follow the adult’s directions

    -be quick

    -keep bathroom clean



    -listen to adults

    -congratulate others

    -be a good role model

    -keep the bus clean

    -hold the doors for others

    -use only hands on the handrails