South Allegheny Middle and High School Academics

  •      The primary educational goal of the South Allegheny School District is to provide a quality educational opportunity for all children.  This shall be accomplished with the establishment of behavioral objectives to enhance and strengthen this goal and to define proper forms of evaluation to maintain the goal.


         A successful school system is characterized by performance and results determined by personal evaluation.  An understanding and appreciation of everyone’s assigned duties should accomplish the desired goal and practical objectives of our system.  In order to accomplish a goal of quality education, we must provide the interest and educational opportunities necessary to meet the challenge of a most critical society.  The prescribed goal with fair and consistent evaluation must be completed within the economic situations of our communities.


         This program of studies has been prepared to meet the diversified needs, aptitudes and interests of the junior and senior high students of the South Allegheny School District.


         As a matter of policy, all courses are open to both males and females.  It should also be noted that in the area of elective courses, a minimum of fifteen students must register for a course before that course will be scheduled.


         Parents are invited to consult with the counselor concerning an individual’s particular choice of courses.  Programs should be planned and selected in view of the individual’s future career plans.