Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation Information


    Minimum Requirements


    The minimum requirements for graduation from South Allegheny High School are outlined below.  Graduation is based on the subjects completed in grades nine through twelve, and students are responsible for meeting the minimum requirements.  Students and parents will be assisted by their guidance counselor and teachers to develop an appropriate and challenging program of study.   


    Minimum Credits for Graduation


                English                                     4.00

                Social Science                          3.00

                Science                                    3.50

                Mathematics                             3.00

                Physical Education                    1.00

    Health                                       0.25

    Arts and/or Humanities               2.00

    Electives                                   6.00

    *Act158 Standards 

    **Keystone Proficiency


    TOTAL                          22.75



    Graduation is dependent upon distribution of required credits, total number of credits, Keystone Exam Proficiency, and completion of the graduation project.







    Personal Requirements


    Listed below are the graduation requirements at South Allegheny High School:

    1.     All subjects taken must be passed, including physical education and health. Any failure must be cleared from the academic records.

    2.     Each student must take final exams scheduled regardless of previous grades for the year.

    3.     Each senior must provide a picture for the permanent record card.

    4.     Any debts incurred as a student at South Allegheny must be paid in full.

    5.     Each student must demonstrate citizenship and responsibility at all times.

    6.     Any student guilty of excessive absence may be retained for the year.

    7.     Each student must complete a Graduation Project by the end of the first semester of the senior year.