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  • Welcome to Mrs. Shin's homepage!


    South Allegheny is transitioning to Google Classroom.  A link to my new website will be posted as soon as possible.


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    Why is Spanish the language of choice for American students?

    Click through this slideshare presentation to find out!


    I found this Subway commercial featuring several SA students when they were in elementary school, and just had to share it in case anyone has not seen it.  Enjoy!





    South Allegheny students are collecting pink lids to help raise money for the fight against breast cancer.  Please collect them and send them to the high school, to Mrs. Shin, and join us in the fight!


    About Me


    The first thing I have to say is that I love teaching!  I love getting to know my students and being given the opportunity to help them explore other cultures and languages, and through those, to explore their own world a bit more.  I would like to be involved in any aspect of you or your child's education (whether in a classroom or extracurricular activity), so do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of help.  My email here at school is ashin@southallegheny.org.

    Education and Travel

    I was raised in Front Royal, Virginia, and Newmanstown, Pennsylvania.  I studied French as a child and Spanish in high school, but I learned most of my language through traveling.  Instead of going directly to college after graduating from ELCO high school in Lebanon County, PA, I instead became a Rotary exchange student, living with host families for 10 months in Rosario, Argentina.  The blue, white, and yellow banner at the top of this page is a celestial representation of the Argentine flag, which naturally holds a special place in my heart.  After returning to the USA, I spent a year studying at Harrisburg Area Community College, then transferred to the main campus of the University of Pittsburgh, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish, with a Certificate in Latin American Studies.  I studied abroad in Saõ Paulo and Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, and also traveled to Chile and Paraguay.  A study abroad student at Pitt invited me to Mexico after the fall semester, so I spent a Christmas holiday traveling through Northern and Central Mexico with her, a British friend, and another Mexican study abroad student.  After a year of teaching preschool and substitute teaching near my hometown, I returned to Pittsburgh to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree at Pitt and complete a full year teaching internship at New Brighton High School.  I began teaching at SA in the fall of 2006.  Since starting at SA, most of my international travel has been to visit my younger brother, who spent 7 months travelling through Europe.  I met him in Paris, France, and we journeyed to Brussels, Belgium (the capital of the Eurozone) for the 2010 Thanksgiving holiday, and traveled all over Eastern China and Hong Kong with my brother and father during the summer of 2012.  My most recent travel was to Puerto Rico over Thanksgiving 2014, and it was phenomenal to be back in a Spanish-speaking land after so many years!


    I married my longtime love, Shane, and enjoyed our honeymoon to Nevada, Arizona, and Utah right before the 2013-2014 school year began.  My family is incredibly important to me, so I travel back to my hometown as much as possible, especially during the holidays.  My entire family teaches, so I sort of joined the family business when I decided to become a teacher.  My mom teaches English as a Second Language in Delaware, my dad is a retired special education teacher from Eastern PA, and my younger brother teaches English in Eastern PA's Fleetwood school district.  My youngest brother teaches English Biology and English Math in Guangzhou, China, my cousin is a substitute special education teacher, my sister-in-law is an elementary teacher, and my uncle teaches government in Eastern PA as well.  The only close Pennsylvania relative who is not a teacher serves on her local school board.  Education is, to say the least, an important value in my family.

    Interests and Hobbies

    Outside of school, I love to play with my chihuahua Baby and cats Sage and Molly.  I'm missing my cat Midnight and ferret Pipoca, both who left my life during the 10-11 school year.  Pipoca's name means "popcorn" in Portuguese, which is perfect name because he bounced around just like popcorn when he got excited and playful.  Our coonhound Seneca is missed, too, as he departed during the 12-13 school year.  I also take time to read, bake, make soap, crochet, create glass etchings, swim, and camp.


    One of my favorite things to do is read.  I'm part of one book club, subscribe to several news and lifestyle magazines, and read as much as I can with whatever time I have free.  Purchasing an e-reader, and linking it to my libraries, was one of the best investments I have ever made!  I hope to share that love of reading with my students, as reading has greatly enriched my life.  Check out the "Scholastic Book Clubs" link on the left to find some great books in English and Spanish!

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