Peer Helpers

  • Mission Statement:  

        South Allegheny Peer Helpers is a hard-working, dedicated group of trained young adults who will listen, offer support and reference materials to guide others toward a healthy living.  This will assist in creating a more emotionally supportive environment for the school and community.

    Who can benefit from the program?

        Any student in grades 7-12 has the opportunity to benefit from the program

    Sponsor : Mr. Chad Smith

    Who can refer a student to Peer Helpers?

        Teachers, Administrators, Guidance Counselors, Students, Parents

    When do Peer Helpers meet with their helpees?

        During a common period, students are assigned to meet with their peer helper once a week, or on an as needed basis.

    What Peer Helpers is NOT:

        Peer Helpers do not make decisions for others.  They may suggest alternatives, identify consequences, or share experiences, but they do not give advice or tell others what to do.  Peer Helpers do not therapy or treatment.  They are not replacements for professional service providers.