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  • Stated Purpose for Scholarship Sponsorship

    One of the important functions of the South Allegheny Alumni Association for Academics, Athletics, and the Arts is to provide current Gladiators with opportunities for local scholarships.  We as alumni know the basic socioeconomic circumstances and challenges associated with the area as we were once very similar to these current and future Gladiators.  Providing scholarship opportunities is a way that alumni can show the students that we understand their circumstances, as well as develop a greater sense of pride in the school and the community.  As a result, the Alumni Association is committed to encouraging alumni to sponsor scholarships as individuals, groups, graduating classes, or to donate to the Alumni Association to establish ongoing endowments.  On the right is a list of current scholarships offered. 


    The following scholarships are currently offered directly by the Alumni Association or have been promoted by the Alumni Association on behalf of individuals, groups, and graduating classes.  More information is available for view on the sidebar.

    * SAHS Class of 1996 Scholarship

    * South Allegheny Alumni Association Four Boroughs Scholarship

    * South Allegheny School Board Future Leader Scholarship

    * Blue & Gold Scholarship (In Honor of Terry Cleary, PVLHS Class of '65)

    * Red & Black Scholarship (In Honor of Bobo Cross, GHS Class of '49)

    * John Stinner Memorial Student-Athlete Scholarship (Sponsored by Jon Pons, SAHS Class of '98)

    * Gladiator Integrity Scholarship (Sponsored by Louis D'Angelo, GHS Class of '57 and Louis J. D'Angelo, SAHS Class of '79)

    * John Lee Insurance Group Scholarship (Sponsored by John Lee, SAHS Class of '85 and Kelly Lee, SAHS Class of '88)

    * Gladiator Heritage Scholarships (Sponsored by the family of Irene, Barbara Anne, and LouAnne Kelecava)

    * Gladiator Tradesman Workship (Sponsored by the family of Irene Kelecava and Eric Lundberg)

    * Gladiator Medical Professions Scholarship (Sponsored by the family of Irene Kelecava and Darienne Dusi)

    * Gladiator Cosmetology Workship (Sponsored by the family of Laura McAleer)

    * Gladiator Artisan Scholarship (Sponsored by Guy Norelli Graphics & Guy Norelli, SAHS Class of '74 and his wife Gayla Norelli)

    * Gladiator Distinction Scholarship (Sponsored by the South Allegheny Alumni Association and Daniel & Linda Costello)


    * Pride In Our Past Scholarship (Sponsored by the Copper & Glass Federal Credit Union of Glassport)

    * South Allegheny Education Assocation Scholarship (Sponsored by the SAEA Teachers Union)

    * Gladiator Prestige Scholarship (Sponsored by D'Angelo Tax Services, Inc.)

    * Cultural Pride of S.A. Scholarship (Sponsored by the Sons & Daughters of Italy Club)

    * Spirit of the Gladiator Scholarship (Sponsored by Mama Pepino's Pizza & Pub)

    * First Responders Scholarship (Sponsored by Glassport Firefighters)