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    Where Are They Now?--A Gladiator Retrospective Project



    This project has a two-fold design.  First it is an opportunity for Gladiator (and Bulldog) Alumni to come back and be recognized for their achievements.  Secondly, the interview will be available on the website and on the lobby board at South Allegheny High School in an opportunity to show current Gladiators that there is a world outside of the Four Boroughs.  Current Gladiators need to see that just because they come from a small, working-class community that it does not mean that they cannot achieve greatness.  In fact, the tenacity and work ethic of many past Gladiators is what drove them to success in their various fields.


    We are looking for volunteers to come in for an interview or to conduct an interview via Skype.  If you are coming in, South Allegheny High School requires you to produce identification in order to enter the building.  If you are interested, please contact us at saalumni@southallegheny.org.

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    We need your help for this project! 

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