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1:1 Device Information

  • At South Allegheny School District, we are dedicated to preparing students to meet the challenges of an ever-changing global society in the 21st century.  In line with that mission, starting with the 2020-2021 school year, South Allegheny School District will be implementing a 1:1 device program.  Every student in the district will be issued a Chromebook or iPad to use the entire school year.  The content and links below will outline the procedures and details of this 1:1 device program.

General Information

  •  Hardware and Apps:

    • Chromebook (grades 3-12)
    • iPad (grades K-2)
    • Preloaded with district-approved apps
    • Devices are Wi-Fi capable

    Issuing of Devices

    • All students will be issued a district-owned device.
    • Students and parents will be offered a series of resources regarding the operation of the Chromebook and any pertinent applications.  These resources will be available digitally on the district website.
    • Students and parents will sign a Device Use/Loan Agreement, Device Liability/Insurance through One2OneRisk, and the Student Device Agreement.
    • The device will remain at the school on a daily basis.  Students will return Chromebooks to a charging station at the end of each school day.
    • Students are responsible for the general care of their Chromebook throughout the school day.

    Conditions of Chromebook Loan Agreement

    South Allegheny School District will lend a device to each student upon compliance of the following:

    • A signed and returned copy of the Device Use/Loan Agreement
    • A signed and returned copy of the Student Device Agreement
    • Complete registration for device insurance on One2OneRisk. A parent or guardian must either accept or deny the insurance before taking the device off school property.

Device Insurance

  • The educational program at South Allegheny School District now includes the 1:1 Device Program.  Each student will be given a school-owned Chromebook or iPad to use during the school day.  We are excited to make this technology available to every student enrolled in our school.  We also understand that students, parents, and school district personnel are naturally concerned with keeping these educational tools in good working order.

    Like any other educational tool that students may use throughout their time in our schools, there is a responsibility to take care of these valuable resources.  Chromebooks and iPads are no different, but it does represent a cost to the District and consequent liability to the students and parents.  Although we have a warranty in place to cover the Chromebooks and iPads in the event of manufacturing defects, we know that accidents do happen even when students are taking good care of the device.  In these instances, the cost of loss and/or damage can be significant.  

    South Allegheny School District has partnered with One2OneRisk to provide an optional device insurance policy for $15 per device per year. 

    Parents/guardians must accept or deny the optional insurance policy before taking the device off school property. 

    Below is a table with the waiver price and deductible prices per incident:

    Insurance Pricing

    Annual Device Waiver Price

    Damage Waiver


    Deductible Schedule

    First Incident


    Second Incident


    Third Incident (and higher)


    Lost/Stolen (requires a police report)


    Examples of charges for device repair
    WITHOUT INSURANCE are shown below. Students and student families will be responsible for all damages to their district issued device. If a device is lost or stolen the student and student family will be responsible to replace the device. 

    Examples of charges for device repair (estimates)

    Replacement of damaged/lost Chromebook:­­ $250.00 

    Replacement of screen: $100.00

    Replacement of keyboard/touchpad­­: $75.00 Replacement power cord­­: $50.00

    Replacement iPad: $250.00

    Register here: One2OneRisk Registration

    • To register, you will need your child’s student ID number.  Student ID numbers can be found in Skyward.  Click here for instructions to view student ID numbers in Skyward.

    For more information, please visit the following links:

Device Repair

  • If a technical problem occurs with the device, please notify the South Allegheny Technology Department immediately.

    • Grades K-5
      • In-school
        • Students will address the issue with their teacher.  The student will drop off their device in the Media Center for repair.  The teacher will put in a ticket with IT to initiate device repair.
            • Remotely
        • Parents, guardians, and/or teachers can address concerns by emailing  If possible, IT staff will attempt to resolve the issue remotely.  If device repair is needed, IT staff will organize a time to drop off the device.  The student will receive a loaner for the duration of the repair.


    • Grades 6-12
      • In-school
        • Students can request permission from their classroom teacher to visit the IT office at the school for repair.
      • Remotely
        • Students and/or parents/guardians can address concerns by emailing  If possible, IT staff will attempt to resolve the issue remotely.  If device repair is needed, IT staff will organize a time to drop off the device.  The student will receive a loaner for the duration of the repair.
      • Depending on the severity of the issue, a replacement device may be issued right away. All repairs will be handled by District IT Staff.
      • Students and families should never attempt to fix a broken Chromebook/iPad nor should they have anyone else attempt to fix their Chromebook.
    • Every effort will be made to repair or replace the Chromebook immediately so that instruction is not interrupted