Make sure to register for device insurance for the current school year!

Each student will be given a school-owned Chromebook or iPad to use during the school day. It is strongly recommended  that all students in the South Allegheny School district have tech device insurance on their Chromebook or iPad. 
This insurance must be renewed annually for each child.
Accidents can and will occur, and there is a huge cost savings to you for having the insurance.  South Allegheny School District has partnered with One2OneRisk to provide an optional device insurance policy for $15 per device per school year.   
Parents/guardians must accept or deny the optional insurance policy before taking the device off school property.  Once the $15 is paid for the insurance, the first incident would cost you $10, second $25, and third $50. A lost or stolen device would be a full-cost replacement, unless a police report is provided to the department, then the cost would be $100.  Compare this to actual costs to replace device equipment:
  • Broken Chromebook screen with insurance $10, without insurance $100.
  • Broken iPad screen with insurance $10, without insurance $290.
  • Lost charger with insurance $10, without insurance 50.
You can see the savings! To register for device insurance, you will visit and select "Enroll My Device". You will need your child's ID/Lunch Number (available in Skyward) and a credit card. There is an attachment to this message that details the steps to register. We strongly recommend you complete registration before the year starts. If you need any help with insurance or other tech issues, the SA IT Department can be reached at [email protected].