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Portrait of a Gladiator

The South Allegheny School District Framework for the Future Learner Profile highlights the belief that all personnel understand each child as an individual, and provide opportunities for each child to explore and grow at their own pace, based on their own style of learning, and their own individualized interests will allow them to be the best they can be throughout their years at South Allegheny and beyond.

  • Effective Communicators
    • I can advocate for myself and others.
    • I can speak and write clearly.
    • I can analyze a situation and respond appropriately.
  • Active Collaborators
    • I can contribute and participate with an open mind.
    • I can actively listen with empathy and respect.
    • I can engage with others to make progress.
  • Creative Innovators
    • I can use my imagination and vision to develop solutions.
    • I can be patient in the innovation process.
    • I can persevere through failure.
  • Contributing Citizens
    • I can make a positive impact on my community.
    • I can care for myself and others.
    • I can embrace diversity and change.
      Learners contribute to the local and global community.
  • Lifelong Learners
    • I can set and achieve personal and academic goals.
    • I can demonstrate resilience and curiosity through any outcome.
    • I can self-reflect and make improvements.