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The South Allegheny Education Center Program is designed for students in grades 6 through 12 who are best served through a flexible setting as an alternative to the regular educational environment, an alternative to expulsion, and a credit recovery program for students to meet graduation requirements. 


The overarching goal of the South Allegheny Education Center programs is to provide options for students who, for a variety of reasons, are not benefiting from the traditional school structure. A more specific goal is to provide an educational environment that helps increase student success through flexibility, intensive behavioral supports, self-regulation, social and emotional supports, and blended instruction and remediation to help students meet state and local graduation requirements. Because students enrolled in blended programs or schools must be taught to the same academic standards established for all students, the Education Center program provides a different pathway for students to meet the same high education standards as all other students across the Commonwealth.
The South Allegheny Education Center also includes programs designed to provide students a pathway to earn a diploma, which have been or otherwise might be subject to a long-term suspension or expulsion. This may include a heavy emphasis on behavior modification through positive behavioral intervention. Other focuses may be on remediation and social-emotional support for students who may be pregnant/parenting, truant, returned dropouts, transitioning from delinquency placement, and struggling students who are not meeting local promotional requirements. Students who are also faced with a long-term exclusions may transfer to the Education Center program to address behavior as an educational matter and to mitigate the students' loss of education.
The South Allegheny Education Center program can serve students for varying amounts of time. The goal of the Education Center program is to retain students until graduation or to transition students back to a traditional middle or high school.


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1 Glendale Dr
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Phone: 412-675-3070 x3100